It's scary... but according to the International Mass Retail Association, Halloween has become the second leading holiday after Christmas.
More Scary Facts:
  • This Halloween, Americans will consume $2 billion worth of chocolate and candy.
  • Spend $2.7 billion on pumpkins, greeting cards and party supplies.
  • Spend $1.5 billion on costumes and $756 million on decorations.
  • Home decorations: $586 million, second only to Christmas Costumes: $1.5 billion in sales
  • Halloween is the #1 candy selling season, followed by Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day
  • Trick or Treaters:
    The United States has 41.1 million children between the ages of 5 and 14, a larger group than the baby boomers who were 5 to 14 years old at the time of the 1970 census.
    93% of American children will go trick-or-treating this Halloween.
  • $1.7 million in sales of greeting cards, pumpkins and party supplies last year.
The Association also says Americans will buy an estimated 20 million pounds of candy corn this year.

It's A-mazing! Check out these cornfield mazes in A-Mazing Arizona! It's a fighter jet saying Thanks!

Party-hearty Halloween - Adults dig it

Adults are not afraid to spend billions. It's grown so big that there now are stores devoted to Halloween, much like the stores that specialize in Christmas.

Why has Halloween grown into the second-most-profitable seasonal even, after the colossus Christmas? Halloween has become a huge party holiday. Many experts say that Halloween sales can be an early indicator of consumer confidence entering the critical shopping season at Christmastime, when many retailers generate more than a quarter of their annual revenues.

This year, consumers are expected to pour $6.9 billion into costumes, candy, party decorations and libations, which again would make it the second most profitable holiday for retailers.


But, here's a calorie-free way to enjoy Halloween - surf on by and have fun on these sites... You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this cool Scary site for kids and adults guaranteed to help you enjoy the scariness of the day! All Hallows Eve has a collection of Halloween links for kids of all ages to amaze and amuse you.

Parents will be happy to find Happy Halloween and Funtasia Halloween offers how to sign up for a free costume, Halloween crafts, creepy Halloween menus, Halloween fun and games and many kid-friendly sites. Be sure to check out the MonsterMorph Gallery! Ben & Jerry have fun and games from their Flavor Graveyard, too! And kids will enjoy Kids Domain

For those who like to be scared, Halloween on the Web will do the "Trick", or is it "Treating"? For dastardly downloads, Sound Bites (ouch) and Haunted Midis, there is none as spooooky as the Hayter House

Not all black cats are scary! This one loves his tummy rubbed, and his head patted. Click on him and move your cursor around. Make sure your sound is on.

(Thanks to my good friend, Bill Koelzer and his wife, Debbie Ferrari

for finding him.)

Got that Halloween Party and can't think of what to wear?
For costume inspiration and ideas, Halloween Costumes is dedicated to help you come up with the best! Halloween Street has costumes and accessories for all ages.

If you like to make your own, FabricLink has the spooktacular designs Halloween Costumes4U has a collection that includes fairytale, futuristic, international and famous people costumes.

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If you'd rather have a chocolate jack-o-lantern delivered to your door (or to a friend), Halloween Chocolates will be your treat! For really yummy treats where else but Hershey's TrickorTreat

Fall foliage is part of the season, and you can learn all about where, why, and how to preserve them at this Fall Foliage site. The 2006 Fall Colors website has National Forest Fall Foliage Hotspots throughout every region of the states to view the changes in progress. Ever wonder why leaves turn color? Here's why.

Some really cute Halloween jokes and riddles from the Haunted House Index to spring on your friends. Halloween Hall has some Witchy Wonders, Vonderful Vampires, and Scary Stories.

About 99% of the pumpkins marketed are used as Jack-O-Lanterns at Halloween. Practice your Jack-O-Lantern skills and become a pro before you do the real pumpkin. Or get a Funkin! Or try Pumpkin Carving 101!

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Pumpkin, Cat, Ghost Then visit The Pumpkin Masters for some carving techniques and patterns. This is an exquisite site, with some generous prizes, and a special section for kids. Jack-O-Lantern has tips for techniques, longevity, and a gallery of designs.

Think pumpkins are just for eating and scaring? Check out Jeanne Marie's Pumpkin Facial Peel . A new brush-on cosmetic peel is made from pure pumpkin - yes, the kind pumpkin pies are made from. Serious! And then check out some more fun Pumpkin Quick Facts.

2002's Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off was so astounding, I am including the link so that you can see photos of this over a ton pumpkin winner! Then check out the results of last year's Weigh-Off . Would you believe someone beat that record? Better go to this year's PumpkinFest to see if that record gets beaten!

Halloween is no grave matter, if you dig what we mean. We'd like to make no bones about it when we say that the following collection of sites looks at the lighter side of what is otherwise a dark day for everyone.

Don't call them undead-- they're vitality-challenged. All you need to know and more is on Zombies on the Web, from horror movie classics to real accounts of zombies in voodoo ceremonies.

Countdown to Halloween is totally fun for the family with a spooky printable for each day. Halloween Central has everything from cute costumes to sinful recipes.

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Just want Halloween sounds, like MonsterMash, the Adams Family, howling wolves or free clip-art for your own flyers, sites? Scary Sounds has them for you! Do you feel like eyes may be following you? Maybe they are!

Is your computer ready for Halloween? Want skeletons dancing across your screen, or just a really booo time, visit this Happy Haunting page. Things that go bump in the night !

Aha! Think you've got a ghost in your computer?
Sugar Cookie Ghost
Scary stuff, weird and goofy stuff, whatever satisfies the practical joke in you - Tricks and Treats has it, and then some. Frighten friends, amuse colleagues, and just plain have fun. For some Startling and Spooky, try this site.

And for the Monster (as in huge) of all pages, Night of the Living Yahoo offers a Monsterpedia, a Trick-O-Meter, A Paranormal Panel by Strange Universe, and lots of Ghost Stories! Adrian Fisher (author of best-selling “Secrets of the Maze”) is internationally recognized as the world’s leading maze designer. For 21 years, he has had the extraordinary vocation of designing and creating unique and beautiful puzzle mazes all over the world. Check out his pumpkin maze!

Ghosts and ghoulies come out to play in this collection of the scariest stories published on American Folklore . And well, boils and ghouls, it's Halloween, here's watching monster movie marathons as they used to be. But, don't worry, there's a Boogieman Forensics Kit you can order here, along with Monster Repellent.

Now you'll be brave enough to view the Charles Addams cartoon series, creator of the Addams Family. Get your garlic ready! And now you're ready to learn about werewolves and were afraid to ask.

And who can forget Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? Here's her website, choking with information and frightful fun about your fav fab femme-fatale!

Just in time for Halloween, Cnet has solutions for you! CNet's Windows XP Nightmares

Finally, all you Mummies and Deaddies wanting to keep an eye on your little monsters this Halloween should visit The Official Halloween Safety Game

http://www.halloweenmagazine.com/play.html where you can bone up on how to stave off a zombie attack or avoid suspicious treats and darkened streets. Did You Know that the number of people who believe in ghosts is on the rise?

Find a Ghost gives you goose bumps! Talking about ghosts, NASA has a unique ghost-tracking Halloween site that is great fun. Join NASA as they show you what they can do to make this holiday fun. Be sure to put your cursor over their "Haunted House" to see it all, then go to their Trick or Treat section.

And here's an oldie but fun ... Doin' the Monster Mash Did you know this: Consumer spending on Halloween in 2005 was mindboggling, and promises to be again this year.

Don't forget to send your friends and relatives an Animated Halloween cardfrom my website ! Blue Mountain has interactive Halloween cards for invitations and choices from scary to fun. And browse Hallmark's site for some free e-cards, too! ! More great free online e-cards from 123 Greetings!

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Hope you've enjoyed! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!